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We have many different massage treatments to choose from. The treatments are for preventing and counteracting future and improving current pain.

Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient, holistic form of therapy with gentle touches such as pressing, stretching, kneading and tapping. In Thailand, the treatment method is an integral part of the culture and centers on regular massages as a preventive habit, which contributes to physical and mental well-being and quality of life. It is all about health and relaxation. Soft pressure is mainly used, using not only the heels of the hands, but also the knees, thumbs, feet and elbows. All massage techniques are fundamentally based on pressure and heat. Treat yourself to a soothing, relaxing massage from a trained professional of your choice.

Foot massage

This foot massage can relieve a variety of complaints throughout the body and also illnesses. With this massage technique you stimulate your blood circulation. It also promotes mobility of the muscles and tendons. This is because the soles of the feet have reflex points to organs throughout the body. Therefore, if you receive a regular foot massage it will make the internal organs and organs throughout the body work better.

Thai Oil

Thai oil massage is a warm oil treatment and a combination of oil massage and Thai massage with straightening and bending together. This massage is suitable for anyone who wants better blood circulation. In addition to being able to stretch the tendons for greater flexibility, this allows the massage to penetrate deep into deep muscles. In addition, in some cases elbow and knee massages are also included. At the Massage Therapist’s Discretion All clients should discuss their needs directly with the masseuse.

Neck and shoulder

It is a massage to relieve tension in the muscles in the back, neck and head. Suitable for people with pain. Because of work in the office. And those who have to sit in place for a long time Including those who are stressed in their work and daily life

Thai massage, rubbing the lines

It is a massage that is specific to certain areas where the client has problems. With a variety of Thai massage techniques. This depends on the discretion of the employee. However, this massage method needs to be massaged throughout the body to balance the circulatory system. And the blood circulates better. Then we will massage the problem areas. This allows customers to use our receipt to withdraw money from a recognized insurance company.


An oil massage is intended to relax the body and mind at the same time. This is because the massage stimulates blood circulation in the body. It stimulates the lymphatic system to work better too. Normally, lymph flows from movement of the body. Or from external forces that stimulate When massaging the body, the lymph nodes throughout the body are stimulated to better immunize and control pathogens. It also helps relax tense muscles caused by overuse. The tense muscles cause the blood to become unpleasant. Therefore, massage helps to loosen the tense muscles to relax

Hot stone massage

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